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About me


Hello Everyone,


Im Meli.

So ever since I was younger I always had some type of camera in my hand. From disposable to a point and shoot to camera phone to a DSLR. I love to capture moments and create memories for not only me but for others as well. With the love and support from my friends and family my dream to become a photographer has become a reality.  I love to meet new people and watch families grow. My husband is my biggest supporter. Our first Christmas together, he bought me a new camera and told me to continue with my passion. Never would have thought I'd be where I'd be today. I am a mommy of 3 beautiful boys and I push this business for them. 


Choosing to pursue boudoir full time has been my best decision yet! I absolutely love when I see my clients' reactions after receiving their photos. Every woman deserves to feel amazing and shown that she is beautiful! I have been given the opportunity to do just that. I encourage my clients to push their boundaries, explore their limitations, and find what stimulates them.. Reminding them that we all have that fierce side and we just need to be shown how to embrace it. This is just the beginning. Looking forward to grow with each and everyone of you! <3   

Meli Madero


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