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The DOs and DONTs

*Do have lingerie that fits you properly. Do not wait til the last minute if shopping for new items.
*Do wear matching nail polish on fingers and toes.
*Do your hair the way you like it before arriving unless you booked hair and make up.
*Do bring a couple different outfits to chose from.
*Do bring sexy high heels or thigh high boots. (They can always be returned) (Please remove stickers on the bottom of the shoe with "Goo Be Gone" before your session if possible.)
*Do shave legs and under arms the night before. If waxing do so at least 48 hours in advance.
*Do bring fishnets with LARGE diamond holes. These are slimming on larger legs.
*Do tan to get rid of unsightly tan lines at least 2 weeks in advance if it's noticeable in your outfits.
*Do bring your boyfriends/husbands shirt and tie, guitar, helmet, jacket ect. Be creative!
*Do bring your slippers  with you to your session. If you do not have any please wear ankle socks

*Do not get a spray tan. It can leave dark spots in your pores & usually leaves streaks on your hands  & feet.
*Do not bring oily lotions or sparkles to the studio.
*Do not drink the night before your shoot. It is dehydrating and sometimes shows on your skin.
*Do not wear any makeup to your session. (unless you are not getting a pro makeover)
*Do not wear tight fitting clothes to your session. This can leave marks on your skin and sometimes takes hours to disappear. (EXAMPLES: tight bra straps, elastic waistband, socks, tight panties, a watch or hair tie...)

*Do not bring children to your scheduled consultation, scheduled session, and/or viewing of the photos. You will be asked to reschedule and an additional $50 reschedule fee will be added to your session. 

Some Ways To Slim Down Fast

*Shoes can lengthen legs especially nude shoes with nude stockings and black shoes with black stockings. A thinner heel and sole will lend to a slimmer overall look. Avoid thicker heels and ankle straps.
*Makeup to make your face look thinner. Apply a light layer of bronzer around your chin, temples and below your cheek bones to contour your face. (Book makeup for your session if your not comfortable doing it yourself)
*Stocking, fishnets and pantyhose create lean legs. Dark colored pantyhose slim legs, especially when your outfit is the same color and the stockings.

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